Leadership Identity - Being You More Effectively

The bad news is that you will never be like your hero - the good news is that you can only be you but that you can be so much better than today. Leadership Identity is all about discovering the real you and learning how to transform your ability in your world.

We provide you with opportunities to receive detailed feedback from those closest to you and help you with expert analysis of the data. Additionally, we use a variety of psychometric instruments to provide alternative perspectives on your personality. Then we can help you identify the key actions to bring out the more effective you.

This personal insight is combined with a range of leadership concepts to provide a trajectory of development.

A key basis of Leadership Identity development is that leadership cannot exist in one person - leadership is about a system consisting of a group of people who are mutually dependent. Collaborators expect to find relief from anxiety and accept leadership from one or more people who provide it. People who nominally become leaders in the system do so in a variety of ways and with more or less propensity to take the lead.

There are a number of practices expected of those in the leadership positions:

  1. Creating a more certain path to the future
  2. Being an inspiring example
  3. Developing individual capability
  4. Facilitating group activity
  5. Creating better performance today
  6. Creating pride in success

Specialist facilitators guide you on your development trajectory on company specific programmes. For a detailed discussion of your needs please contact ray@leadershipidentity.com